Performing Art

The performing Arts often aim to express one’s emotions and feelings in which artists use their voices, bodies or objects to convey artistic expression.

Drama, music, dance and object manipulation, and other kinds of performances are present in all human cultures. Many performing arts are performed professionally. Performing arts has a well-placed significance in the civilization and tradition of Indian society.

Indian performing arts are well praised by people from across the globe. Love, humour, suffering, anger, bravery, fear, repulsion, wonder and peacefulness are the nine basic emotions, which are basic to all Indian aesthetics.

Also, Performing Arts develop abstract reasoning necessary for academic success basically in Mathematics and Science as they improve the ability of higher order thinking skills(HOTS).

GRD Academy Biharigarh provides training in a variety of disciplines in Music, Dance and Drama.

  • Dance: Our school imparts different Dance forms like – Indian Classical- Kathak, Indian folk, Western dance and fusion for the students to choose from. Students get the opportunity and exposure to take part in different activities and competitions like.
  • Music: Music of our school is equipped with well tuned musical instruments like – Drums, Tabla, Dholak, Guitar, Sitar, Harmonium and Synthesizers. Under vocal category there are various styles like- Western, Hindustani classical and light fusion.
  • Drama: School is the best place to plug Drama into the lives of children because they can speak and act freely. Drama as an extracurricular activity at GRD Academy Biharigarh teaches students how to use body, voice and imagination to perform as a part of nukkad natak, puppetry, mask work, storytelling, mime and role play.

Such activities enable the students to showcase their dance talent during Inter and Intra School competitions, State/National Level competitions, Annual function, Special Assemblies, summer camps and on other celebrations.