A good education is a foundation for a better future. These words of Elizabeth Warren had kept inspiring millions of people, across the world and so were we.

Real education embeds things into one’s brain and anyone who understands learning will understand that this comes from repeated exposure and use of information or skills. We at GRD Academy, come up with a vision of all-round development of a student so that we see him/her developing as a vibrant student, responsible citizen and on top a magnanimous and sympathetic human being.

Modern teaching is creating an ever increasing diversity in the ways we teach and many of today’s teaching tools require technological or other forms of support. In today’s scenario, social-networking or interaction through various computer or web-based application has taken the present century by storm.

A mobile handset holds the key to that boundless and interconnected virtual world. This majestic device has affected nearly everything including education. It has globalised our vision and brought everything to our finger tips. But everything has its pros and cons. On one side where children are enhancing their skills through Science and Technology, we must not let them be swayed by this mesmerizing technological magic. It is imperative that technology is used in a balanced way and children are equipped with a repertoire of skills and a positive attitude to become a successful and worthy citizen in a globally competitive society.

The education implies the existence of a relationship between learner and mentor and in the pursuit of knowledge and transference of understanding to new situations, both learner and mentor are involved and both are changed. Here, at GRD Academy, we provide a comfortable yet respectful connection between learner and mentor. All the students are addressed by their names. It sets a tone that all are equally important. Our curriculum is engaging and continuously evolving. Its consistently reviewed by experts to make teaching-learning purposeful and progressive.

We strive to make our students accoutred with life skills to face the real world, be it sports, academic, public speaking, we venture that they come out through flying colours. We also make sure that right values are imbibed by our students and they develop mentally as well as morally strong.

Mr. Anshul Singhal

Principal GRD Academy Biharigarh, Saharanpur