General Rules

  1. Mobile phones are not permitted in the School Premises. If any student is found carrying a mobile phone; the phone will be confiscated and broken then & there. The School will not hold any responsibility for the same.
  2. Students are answerable to the School Authorities for their conduct both inside & even outside the School. Hence, misbehavior in public places and conveyance is not admissible. Every student should endeavor to keep up high standards of the School, by excelling in good manners.
  3. Parents or Guardians can request a meeting with the teacher only with the prior permission of the Principal and should never approach the teacher directly in the classroom. Request for the same should be forwarded in the form of a written application.
  4. Tatoos, Bangles, Goggles, Fancy Pins, Mehandi etc are strictly not allowed to be worn in the School.
  5. Boys should have a short and decent haircut. Low waist trousers and narrow bottom trousers are not at allowed in the School.
  6. Irregular attendance and unjustified absence justifies dismissal.
  7. Students must not be kept away from the School for celebrations like engagements, marriages, poojas etc. Parents are expected not to approach the School for leave for above mentioned reasons.
  8. If a student is absent from the School for a period of 10 days without any information, his/her name will be struck off from the nominal rolls of the School. A fine of Rs. 20/-per day will be charged if the student is absent in violation of Leave Procedure of the School, which is mentioned below.

Leave Procedure

This is to inform you that as per School Rules & Regulations, no leave is admissible without prior approval/sanction. Only in case of Medical, a student is allowed to take leave without prior approval but on coming to School he/she should carry:

  1. A written application and a Photostat copy of Medical prescription.
  2. In case of leave for more than 3 days, a proper Medical Certificate along with application to be submitted once the student joins the School.

Parents are expected to co-operate with the School Authorities by ensuring the following:

  1. Their ward reaches the School in time. No student will be allowed to enter, if he/she is late without any proper valid reason & without letter of explanation from the parents.
  2. Their ward should wear clean & proper uniform as specified to School every day. The shoes should polished every day.
  3. Their ward regularly attends the School. Proper leave procedure to be followed. In case of violation of the same, the student will not be allowed to attend the School without proper letter of explanation from the parents. As per CBSE Rules & Regulations Minimum 75% Attendance is compulsory for Promotion to Next Higher Class/Appearing in Board Exams.
  4. Their ward brings in Text Books & Note Books according to the time table every day. All the Assignments & Homework is completed by their ward. Text Books & Note Books to be properly covered and maintained.
  5. They should check and sign dairy of their ward daily.
  6. Attending of PTM is compulsory for the parents. Parents to come along with their ward who should be in proper School Uniform. Only parents are allowed for the PTM. No request will be entertained in case the student is not in proper School Uniform.
  7. They are expected to pay the fees of their ward in time i.e. before 15th of every month. Fine will be levied if fees is not paid by the 15th of every month.
  8. They are expected to cooperate with the School Authorities by enforcing punctuality, regularity, personal cleanliness & discipline among their wards.
  9. Parents and Guardians are specially requested to notify the School of any change in their address, telephone numbers & mobile number.